Rental products and activation systems for recreation market

 Activate Rentals provides imaginative electric rental product for the recreational market along with a self-service booking and activation system. All products are built to withstand heavy commercial use, while remaining irresistible to young and old alike. The self-service rental of these products generates additional revenue while the booking system helps optimise product utilisation and capacity.

Higher turnover for campsites and resorts with no extra personnel


Increase your turnover by deploying our imaginative electric products with fully automatic reservation and self-service activation system. We offer this system on both a rental and revenue share basis. Increase your turnover without significantly increasing your operational costs with this innovative solution from Activate Rentals.

Operational efficient


Through the reporting and alert mechanisms in our activation system, you have a good insight into the vehicles under management. Operational tasks such as charging the battery sufficiently and detecting potential problems are signalled earlier so that preventive action can be taken in good time. This reduces downtime, improving your turnover and customer satisfaction.

Integration possible with other rental products


Do you have other rental products in your park (e.g. golf cars, pedal carts, boats) that you want to activate using our self-system? Please feel free to contact us because integration with our flexible system is most likely possible. This reduces your operational costs further and enhances the experience of your guests by reducing queuing times and increasing flexibility.

Easy reservation and activation for guests


Your guests can reserve and activate the products online. The software is very user-friendly and making and paying for a reservation is completed in no time. No operational support is required to activate the vehicles as this is done entirely via our own App or integrated into your own guest App. Guests do not have to queue or wait to make and activate a reservation meaning they can enjoy their holiday to the fullest.



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